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How to Buy Luggage for Children (Cute Luggage)

By eHow Travel Editor

Cute Luggage
Traveling with children is a fun and exciting experience. It can also be a stressful time if you don't plan ahead. While packing up your kid's things into your own suitcase is tempting, buying them their own luggage makes them feel important. Being responsible for their own luggage and belongings teaches children how important organization is when traveling.


Consider the age of your children when shopping for luggage. Young children need nothing more than a small backpack or rolling suitcase. Older children can manage with a backpack and larger duffel or suitcase.


Shop for luggage with your children so they can help pick out luggage pieces they like. Before buying the luggage, make sure the child understands you won't buy something just because it's cute or cool, but because it's functional.


Look over all available travel luggage options for children. Children need luggage with compartments for snacks and toys along with easily opened zippers and snaps.


Ask your child which luggage piece is easiest to carry. Have them tote the backpack, roll the suitcase and pick up the duffel bag in the store.


Remember that children's luggage should be water resistant, have tight seams and be easily cleaned. Children throw, toss, spill on, sit on and eat on their luggage, so it should be sturdy.


Pick out functional travel luggage but keep it trendy or themed. Small children like luggage with favorite cartoon characters, while teens like luggage with trendy designs such as flames, dots, stripes or graphics.

Tips & Warnings
  • Vinyl luggage is cheap but rips easily. Only choose vinyl if your child is gentle on things and doesn't need a tough piece of luggage.
Cute Luggage

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